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Susan, Bend, Oregon
Whole House Organizing
“I have a family history of hoarding and also ADD so Anne has had her hands full with my ongoing needs!! She is very patient but firm, keeping me on track and helping me to let go of things that have emotional ties. I am sooooo incredibly grateful for her help!!”

Bill Macfarlane, Portland, Oregon
Basement Workshop and Storage Rooms
“This is life-changing for me… you far exceeded my expectations… my girlfriend cried, literally, she is in shock… thank you!”

Amy Baker-Schultz
Room-by-Room Whole House Decluttering Coaching & Action Plan
I LOVE (the thought of) being organized. I get flustered when the house is a mess...Piles here...Piles there. I was embarrassed to have people over. I wanted things to change. I NEEDED things to change. By calling Anne, I thought I'd be helping the rest of the family. In the end, SolutionsForYou Organizing helped ME! Not once did I feel embarrassed by showing Anne the major areas of concern. When it came time to get down and dirty, Anne was right there with me the entire time! The time flew by, but so did the junk, and what was left at the end is an AMAZING space that I can work and play in! Best decision ever!

Janelle Fast
Home Office
“Having Anne at SOLUTIONSFORYOU help me organize my home office was one of the best investments I have ever made in my home and life. I would describe my experience as "Life Changing"! Thank you!”

Donna Ghiorso
Home Office, Daughter’s Bedroom
“I would call my organizing problem one of delay.  While my home office has plenty of storage, I was using most of it for things I didn't want to sort through, not for filing and systems.  That has changed.  Also, the sitting room next to my bedroom was a bit chaotic and not very attractive.  While that work was mine to do, Anne suggested ways of storage that are great.”

“Our daughter’s bedroom was very sensitive since while she was excited about getting new "older girl" items for her room, she didn't wan to let go.  Anne, having children of her own, was very sensitive through the process.  Now that our daughter has seen the results, she is so happy, and ready to move on to the next phase of her growing up.  I couldn't have accomplished nearly as much without Anne's gentle guidance. My hope is that now she will have acquired some life long habits.

Emily Puro
Room-by-Room Whole House Decluttering Coaching & Action Plan
“I've only begun organizing my house but the progress is already so apparent! Our rooms look larger, lighter and cleaner, and it's easy to find things and to put them away when it's time to tidy up.  I can't wait to get the basement finished and all the trash/give-away piles out of the house. I'm confident this is a permanent change that will improve my attitude and my life in many ways ... my husband is thrilled, too!”

Karen McFadden
Space Planning
“My house is very small and we have recently had twins.  They are 8 months old and beginning to crawl.  We had no space for them to play, the dining area was so crowded it was a very aggravating area for us; we could not even use the dining room table. After Anne's suggestions and implementation, we now have a play area with room to store toys, the coat closet is accessible, a usable and nice looking dining area, and my husband came home and liked it instantly! Thanks Anne!”

Renee LaFrance, PacifiCorp
Corporate Office
“Anne Blumer is a professional's professional.  She is serious about her work but adds humor and lightness to the task at hand.”  “Honestly, it is hard to say which idea helped the most.  All of Anne’s ideas worked in concert with each other.  However, I would choose, putting my to-do items in folders.  They best part for me, is when I travel, I just grab my folders and I have all of my to do items with me in seconds.  Love it!”

Elaine and Chris Vardas
Home Office Space Planning, Paper Management
“SolutionsForYou, Inc. provided a thorough and concise analysis of our home office condition and did it with compassion and professionalism.  We learned many tactics to help us better organize our space, our workflow and our thinking about work and space.  In addition, we have adapted some of the principles learned into other areas of our lives with much satisfaction.”

Beth Kaye
Garage, Paper Management, Time Management
“After my divorce, I moved into a small row house with my two children.  In the time we have lived there, we have acquired all sorts of STUFF:  sporting goods, arts & craft supplies, Halloween decorations, a slow cooker and other seasonal cooking equipment, five grades of school art projects, etc. etc.  The house was packed to the gills, and, with real estate prices through the roof, moving was not an option.  While IN THEORY I could stow a lot of this stuff in my garage, that ws not an option for me.  My garage was not usable.  It was crowded with heaps of boxes that had remained sealed and stored since my break-up.  The garage had flooded, but I could not bring myself to open the boxes.  I was ashamed to let anyone see it. 

This summer, I reached a point where I wanted to restore order to the house, and felt emotionally ready to clear out the detritus of my old life. I wanted to do this, but I found it absolutely overwhelming to even think about starting a project that big.  Anne came over and walked through my house with me.  We agreed to start with the garage.  Anne was confident that I could make it into a functional, accessible storage area.   With Anne's encouragement, I called friends to help me open the boxes, sort through their contents, toss what was moldering, and donate most of the rest to Goodwill.  It took one day.  I was so proud of the waist-high stack of cardboard I could put out for recycling.  The next day, Anne came over and helped me organize my remaining stuff into separate areas: cooking equipment, office supplies, gardening equipment, etc.  She suggested economical shelving and other storage solutions.  Although even the IDEA of cleaning out the garage had overwhelmed me for years, I felt calm and efficient once Anne and I began to work together. Anne exceeded my expectations.  She pitched right in and worked alongside me.  I felt she was interested in me as a person. She did not appear to think less of me because of my disorganized state.”

Maggie Kean
Whole House:  Home Office Space Planning and Design, Paper Management, Family Room – toys, books, art supplies, Storage Room, Kitchen and Pantry, Back Entryway, Child’s bedroom, Children’s bathroom, and Master bathroom
“SolutionsForYou, Inc. Organizing Services exceeded my expectations! I started out wanting to organize my attic office space (which is amazing now – I love to spend time here, whereas it used to be really depressing!) and because that transformation was so effective I asked her to organized almost our entire home!  “Her use of the internet and proactiveness saved us time and kept our communication efficient - including sending me links to furniture and organizing storage systems that I could check out myself, keeping me up-to-date on her progress, and taking care of logistics.”  “Anne was instrumental in providing resources on where to donate different things from office supplies, kid’s toys, computer peripherals, and an assortment of household items.   That made it easier to give things away, because I could imagine someone else using them!  Anne didn’t pressure me to throw things away.  She helped me to see my stuff through someone else’s eyes—making it easier to purge and throw things away!"  “Anne was able to get me to think “outside the box”—to think about how furniture might be rearranged and to clearly define the purpose of each space.”  "Now, it's really easy to know where things belong and to put them there - so even though her work is done, for now, my house still looks great!"

Angela Coel
ADD Coaching, Command Central, Paper Management, and Bonus Room
It’s amazing; my desk is no longer a catchall.  Nobody touches this space except me now—before I was the only one who didn’t use this space.  I can find any piece of paper I am looking for and I know where to file paper when I receive it.  I am so appreciative of Anne, I can’t say that enough.  She coached me through the entire process.  I feel so much calmer now that I can make decisions and manage my paper.   I am in control and can navigate our “command central” with ease and confidence. You, Anne, not only cleared the clutter from my home, you cleared the clutter in my head.  I have ADD and this is a freedom I’ve never felt. Thanks a million for your help Anne, you have made me so happy and you are worth every penny!”

Meg Goldberg
Home Office
“I had been trying for years to devise a system to deal with clutter in our second bedroom.  I would buy shelves, boxes, move things here and there, but nothing worked.  Calling on Anne to help has made a world of difference.  Having her there to work side-by-side really was the key.  And, she had some basic suggestions that changed everything.  First, she helped me to focus on the room’s purpose and then we agreed that if something didn’t belong in that space, it had to go.  I realized I would just drop stuff on the floor because I had no real place for it.  Anne helped with the idea of a launching and landing area which really helps organize “stuff” (especially things like bills and other paper).  She had great suggestions and alternatives for file cabinets and organizing a small closet.  Anne is empathetic, not judgmental, very energetic and really keeps you on task!  I will definitely call on Anne again for other projects or if I start to slip!  While it seems hard to rationalize paying someone to get you organized, it is worth every penny!!”

Hannah Vazquez
ADD Coaching, Student-Time Management, Study Organizing Skills, Study Space Planning
“I strongly recommend Anne for anyone who has organizing needs!  She’s personable and her recommendations took our particular goals into account.”

Patty Barker
Art Studio, Paper Management and File System, Family Room, Time Management
“Anne bravely came into my home and helped me organize my art studio, files, time, and family room.  It felt like a weight had been lifted when we finished.  Anne provides straightforward advice, really moves projects along, and makes organizing fun!”

Susie Campbell-Gross
Garage, Closets, Guest Room, Laundry Room, and Kids Rooms
"Anne Blumer is a true professional at her job. She helps you visualize how your things can be arranged for maximum efficiency and practicality.  Anne helped me create the ‘dream garage’ I have been wanting for years. Not only is there room for our cars, there is also room for our ping-pong table and enough space for the kids to play."

Lisa Werner , Next Level by Design
Home and Business File System and Work Space Planning
“Before SolutionsForYou, Inc. Organizing Services I wouldn’t open the mail.  I didn’t know where to put it once I opened it.  My office was a sea of paper adrift.  Anne analyzed my paper management challenges and provided me with a solution designed for me.  I now look forward to the mail arriving!  I can open, sort, act, and file each piece in less than five minutes!! I control the mail, it is not controlling me.  Thank you Anne!”



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