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My goal is to provide confidential and empathetic advice to my clients, identify their individual organizing challenges, and attain and maintain organization by working with them to create effortless solutions and sustainable systems that will increase their productivity, reduce stress and lead to more control over their surroundings.

“I want my clients to control their surroundings,
instead of their surroundings controlling them.”

Organizational systems are personal and individual. No two people have the same organizing needs or style. I provide a personal approach to organizing - providing effortless organizing SolutionsForYou to meet all of your organizing needs.

What is unique about my approach is I practice and teach you my successfully proven 5 Steps to Organizing® process that will lead you to taking control over your surroundings... not your surroundings controlling you! Additionally — and more importantly, I truly care about my clients. I feel successful when they are successful. That is why Phase 3 of my approach is essential. My ultimate goal is to transfer organizing skills and knowledge to my clients so they can maintain the systems and solutions we implement together.

My approach to attaining and maintaining organization with my clients is accomplished over three phases, giving them options to work with me or on their own with a plan we create together.





Step 1: Complete your needs assessment questionnaire.

Step 2: Schedule your 15-minute no obligation phone conversation to gather more information about you and your organizing project, and clarify any questions you have.  Or, call us at 503-706-3502.

Step 3: Schedule your 90-minute strategy session (included in our packages) where we visit your home or office, thoroughly examine your situation.  The strategy session is critical because it sets the stage for success. With over 15 years in the organizing industry, the team at SolutionsForYou Organizing recognizes that preparation is as, if not more, critical to achieving our client’s goals and wishes. May be purchased with out package for $250.

The strategy session includes:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment to learn about you, your space and your organizational challenges
  • Review our organizing process and set expectations
  • Clarify any questions you may have
  • Evaluate each area of your home or office that is of concern
  • Set goals for completing your organizing project
  • Measure and take photos of each space in which we will be working
  • Review budget and product selections
  • Organizing plan of action

Step 4:  Hands-on organizing assistance, which of the following options suits you best?



6 hours


12 hours


24 hours

Certified Professional Organizer




Master Professional Organizer




Purchase your package and schedule your organizing sessions now.

Step 5:  A written maintenance plan or maintenance session is included in our packages.



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