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Get Organized Today - Anne BlumerPersonal and professional success is the result of more than talent, commitment and hard work. Success requires you to organize your home, your office and your relationships to meet the demanding needs of each. How efficiently you order these important aspects of your life is your key to finding success with ease and is one of the most important tools you have for becoming the absolute best you can be.

In Get Organized Today!, myself and 18 other top experts have joined to give you insightful guidance and advice learned through years of study and consulting with their clients and colleagues. These experts share their secrets and give you powerful organizing information and strategies. All the organizing professionals you will meet in this book want you to live your life with ease and simplicity.

Get Organized Today! is the book you need to help you plan, execute and maintain order in your work, life and relationships.

Get Organized Today! Retails for $24.00 and you can receive your signed copy today for only $20.00 plus shipping.

Table of Contents


Capturing the Vision
Creating a Space You’ll Love
By Rhonda Elliot, BSBA

The Organizing Triangle
Three Essential Points to Get and Stay Organized
By Charlotte Steill, CPO®

Create a Productive Environment in Five Steps
By Sandy Stelter, JD, CPO®

Organizing for High Performance Families
By Anna Sicalides, CPO®

Win at Organizing
Overcoming Chronic Disorganization
By Anne Blumer, CPO®

How to Choose Your Professional Organizer
By Natasha Packer

Staging Your Home
Transforming Your Space to Eliminate Clutter and Fit Your Lifestyle
By Janet Schiesl

Organizing from the Heart
By Annette Watz, MARE, CDC

Conquering Kitchen Chaos
By Tina Oscar

Building Your Perfect Closet
By Toni Ahlgren

Wardrobe and Closet Bliss
Your Key to a Happier, More Effective, More Organized You
By Gretchen Ditto

I Love My Office
Creating a Home Office that Works for You
By Angela F. Wallace, MIA, CPO®

Conquering Your Paper Piles
By Melissa Stacey

Full and Busy Family Lives
Helping Your Child Learn to Organize
By Mary L. Noble, CDC

Is Your Garage a Storage Nightmare?
Learn How to Clean It, Clear It or Cash in on It
By Bibi Goldstein

Relocation and Downsizing
Ideas to Make it Easy
By Katie Munoz

Celebrations in Your Home
Planning with Ease and Enjoyment
By Scott Roewer, CPO®

Get Organized for the Planet
Eliminating Your Clutter in an Eco-Friendly Way
By Nancy Castelli

Disaster Happens—Organize for Action Now
By JoAnn Scordino, CEM





“Get Organized Today is a wonderful, practical book—pulling together some of the best minds in the industry to help you live a richer, more organized and more meaningful life. Whether you need strategies for restoring order at home or at the office, this beautifully organized (of course!) collection of ideas will be an invaluable resource to you every day.“
—Julie Morgenstern, New York Times bestselling author of Organizing From the Inside Out & Time Management From the Inside Out






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